Niko’s course is an invaluable primer on AI, tailored very specifically to the needs of real estate professionals and researchers. Niko and Monica deliver the course in a clear, approachable style that is highly conducive to learning in teams with where a wide spectrum of existing skills and understanding exists. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and insightful programme.

William Matthews​​​​, Partner, Head of Capital Markets Research, Knight Frank 

This insightful course provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how AI will transform research and analysis within the commercial real estate industry. Niko and his team effectively demonstrated practical applications of AI that were easy to follow and which I have been able to immediately integrate into my working practices.

Tom Kynaston, Associate - Research and Strategy, M&G Real Estate

“The course is excellently structured and has taken me to the next level in terms of content. The examples discussed are very practical and can be easily applied to my daily tasks. Well worth it!”

Andreas Trumpp, Managing Director, Head of Market Intelligence & Foresight, Colliers

I absolutely enjoyed the class. Very useful information and I particularly enjoyed the items you were excited to demonstrate. That was super helpful. I would have loved to see more of your examples. Your explanation and approach to prompting was excellent!!  Really useful.

John Wanamaker, CTO, Clarion Partners

Supercharge your skills! I highly recommend this thoroughly enjoyable short course. Through engaging examples of everyday tasks Niko and the team of VARi Knowledge Partners demonstrate the practical application of generative AI for real estate. A must attend course for any professional who wants to harness this technology for their business.

Mark Unsworth, Associate Director of Real Estate Economics, Oxford Economics

A fascinating and practical course for anyone in a real estate role looking to accelerate their work using generative AI.

Sarah Kelly, Senior Analyst, JLL 

"Thank you for the excellent and enjoyable course. Despite the time zone difference in Singapore, the sessions flew by (a good sign!). There are many applications for my work, and I’m excited to put the lessons into practice."

Ben Brandon-King, Managing Director, Ferguson Partners